Meet the Brilliant Minds Driving Innovation at SYSOTEL.AI!

Our team is a diverse group of talented individuals, each contributing their unique skills and expertise to make our vision a reality. From strategic leadership to creative design and technical development, we have it all!

CEO & Founder of

Raj Sahu

CEO & Founder

Leading our charge with a book in one hand and a cricket bat in the other, Raj is not just our CEO but also a bookworm and a cricket enthusiast. With his strategic prowess, he's not afraid to play both the field and the boardroom. His active mind and mentorship make him the catbird seat for our team, ensuring we soar to new heights.
CEO & Founder of
Co-Founder & COO of SYSOTEL.AI

Kiran Suthar

Co-Founder & COO

Kiran Suthar, the architect of our seamless operations, turns complexities into simplicity. Kiran's journey involves not only optimizing our operations but also the pages of books. From traversing the corporate landscape to exploring the realms of fiction, he's all about enriching experiences. His knack for problem-solving and strategic thinking keeps us on a steady course towards excellence.
CTO & Co-Founder of SYSOTEL.AI

Ravish Patel

CTO & Co-Founder

Ravish Patel, the tech magician of our team, turns ideas into digital marvels. Ravish dives deep into both code and water, crafting melodies in music and algorithms in tech. A true maestro, he can ping a pong as easily as he can produce a symphony of lines. With his fingers on the pulse of technology, Ravish is the driving force that propels us toward uncharted horizons in the world of AI.
CTO & Co-Founder of SYSOTEL.AI
Business Development of

Manali Jadhav

Regional Head West - Business Development

Manali, our regional maven, drives deals as much as she does her car. With her rhythmic moves in business development, she glides through her hobbies of swimming and dancing. She's the bridge between opportunities and innovation, creating partnerships that propel us forward. With every handshake, Manali forges partnerships that propel us towards new horizons.

Indira Neogi

Regional Head East - Business Development

Indira brings a recipe for success that's not just about business. With a dash of traditional cooking, a sprinkle of gardening, and a garnish of informative reading, she cultivates growth in every aspect. When she's not exploring the vibrant landscapes of the East, she's cultivating bonds that bloom like flowers. With a passion for gardening and a heart for business, Indira nurtures connections that enrich both our team and our partners.

Mamta Sharma

Inside Sales Executive

Mamta, our sales dynamo, doesn't just hit the right notes with clients but also on the badminton court. Her helping hand extends to the less fortunate, reflecting the kindness she radiates within our team. When she's not acing her professional game, she's extending a helping hand to those in need, making her a true inspiration in both business and life.

Mukul R

Head of Strategic Accounts

Mukul R, our strategy guru, plays a strategic game in accounts, whether it's on a cricket pitch or a chessboard. Beyond his strategic prowess, he's an ace in the kitchen, cooking up the perfect blend of flavors, much like he crafts impeccable account strategies. With an analytical mind and a flair for strategy, he helps our clients thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.

Pathapa P N

Account Executive

Pathapa P N, our account maestro, thrives on building relationships our Sportsman of the Office, brings the spirit of Kabbadi and Kho Kho to the world of business. Just as he thrives in the sports arena, he's also the backbone of our account management. His commitment to teamwork and agility drives our success both on and off the field.

Madhusmita Parida

Content Writer

Madhusmita not only writes the story of our brand but also paints it with her creativity. Her written and artistic expressions reveal a depth of imagination that fuels her contributions to our team. Her dedication to crafting compelling content leaves a lasting impression on our audience. With her creativity, she adds a touch of magic to our brand.
Alex Paul

Alex Paul

UX/UI Designer

Alex Paul, our design virtuoso, crafts visual symphonies that engage and enchant. A motorcycle enthusiast and an audiophile, he's a connoisseur of speed and sound. His creative melodies extend from his design desk to the world of music, where he finds inspiration in rhythm and harmony. His hobbies are a symphony of artistic expressions.
Deepak R

Deepak R

Graphic Designer

Deepak R, our visual storyteller, breathes life into our brand with his designs. He is an offline gaming enthusiast and cinema lover, he's a master of creating immersive experiences. Just like the characters in his favorite movies, Deepak crafts graphics that take our audience on captivating journeys. With his creative touch, he brings vibrancy to our brand identity.
Deepak R
Jyotirmayananda Sahu

Jyotirmayananda Sahu

Front-end Developer

Jyotirmayananda Sahu, our coding connoisseur, finds his escape on the open road, riding his bike with the wind as his companion. Jyotirmayananda, the coding prodigy, transforms design concepts into functional and interactive web interfaces. His expertise ensures our platform is both visually appealing and user-friendly. With his coding prowess, he adds functionality to creativity.

Samir Sourav

Frontend Developer

Samir Sourav, our code adventurer, explores the virtual realm just as he loves exploring the world of video games. His journey from screen to screen, whether in coding or gaming, reflects his unquenchable thirst for discovery. His meticulous approach and eye for detail make our platform a joy to navigate. With his expertise, he elevates the user journey to new heights.

Nikki Goyal

Backend Developer

Nikki Goyal, our coding architect, finds harmony in crafting robust backend structures. Her passion for playing and exploring resonates both in coding and beyond, as she loves to travel and explore new horizons. Whether she's coding backend solutions or exploring new places, it's always accompanied by a soundtrack. Behind the scenes, she makes the magic happen.

Manzar Hassan

Frontend Developer

Manzar Hassan, our frontend artisan, brings code to life with his touch. Manzar's code moves aren't limited to the screen; he's a chessboard maestro and an online game conqueror. And when he needs a story, he dives into manga worlds. Much like his love for crafting immersive gaming experiences, Manzar crafts interactive frontend interfaces that captivate users.

Jayanth Kumar

Frontend Developer

Jayanth, the frontend sorcerer, blends aesthetics with functionality seamlessly. With a pencil in hand, he sketches ideas and translates them into pixel-perfect designs. His creativity shines not only in coding but also on paper, where he turns blank pages into vibrant illustrations. With every stroke, Jayanth crafts designs that captivate both the digital and artistic senses.

Karthigeyan K

Frontend Developer

Karthigeyan, the frontend architect, turns design visions into intuitive interfaces. With his coding prowess, he creates an immersive digital experience. His passion for culinary artistry and music echoes his approach to coding, where he blends diverse elements to create front-end experiences that resonate with users. He's a culinary artist who crafts both code and cuisine, with a side of music.

Bappi Kumar Sah

Backend Developer

Bappi Kumar Sah, our coding enthusiast, plays cricket, sings, and strategizes in equal measure. Bappi's hobbies mirror his dynamic personality. Just like he strategizes over chess and sings a tune, he strategically codes and explores the world. Much like the complexity of the game he loves, his backend solutions are robust and strategic. With his coding magic, he keeps our system running smoothly.

Kishore M

Office Admin

Kishore, the Master of Administration, conducts the symphony of office harmony. His love for music, Kabbadi, and driving echoes the rhythm of his administrative finesse, creating a unique blend of passions. Just like he keeps the gears of our office running smoothly, he keeps the rhythm of his life in perfect harmony.

Step into our world, where brilliance knows no bounds, and magic is the driving force behind every solution we craft. Join us on this exciting journey of transformation and growth!